Loại CSDL: Tài liệu số
Tác giả: Huỳnh Ngọc Linh
Thông tin xb: Trường Đại học Trà Vinh, 2019
Tác giả bổ sung: PGS. TS. Nguyễn Thanh Tùng
Tóm tắt: Thus, the study aims to investigate the effects of PBL on students’ speaking skills. This aim entails the following two objectives. Firstly, the study explores whether the use of PBL in teaching English can help students develop their speaking skills. Secondly, it investigates if they are motivated to learn speaking and have positive attitudes toward PBL in their English-speaking lesson.
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1 TOMTAT LUAN VAN SBV-HUYNH NGOC LINH 298 Kb (8 lượt tải) (2 lượt xem)  

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