Loại CSDL: Tài liệu số
Tác giả: Nguyễn Thị Việt Ngân
Thông tin xb: Trường Đại học Trà Vinh, 2019
Tác giả bổ sung: TS. Nguyễn Thị Phương Nam
Tóm tắt: Based on the background of the students’ results last year, when I taught the first year student at Kien Giang Technology and Economics College. From my preliminary observation, some students tend to be demotivated during the reading lessons. They do not feel interested in reading time. In addition, some English teachers from the faculty of foreign languages at Kien Giang college complained that a large part of students did not pay attention in reading classes. In addition, students said with a lot ...
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1 TOMTAT LUAN VAN SBV - NGUYEN THI VIET NGAN 540 Kb (4 lượt tải) (2 lượt xem)  

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