Loại CSDL: Tài liệu số
Tác giả: Trần Cẩm Tú
Thông tin xb: Trường Đại học Trà Vinh, 2019
Tác giả bổ sung: PGS. TS. Phạm Vũ Phi Hổ
Tóm tắt: The study is carried out with the aim to investigate students’ types of motivation, their use of learning strategies in second language learning, the relationship between these two variables as well as the correlation between these two variables with English learning achievements of non-English major students at Kien Giang College. It is hoped that the results of the study may provide implications and suggestions for language teaching which may help teachers to identify appropriate strategies to ...
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1 TOMTAT LUAN VAN SBV - TRAN CAM TU 254 Kb (4 lượt tải) (2 lượt xem)  

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