Loại CSDL: Tài liệu số
Tác giả: Duong Ngoc Bich
Thông tin xb: National Chung Hsing University, 2019
Tác giả bổ sung: Prof. Hsiharng Yang
Tóm tắt: Select supporting materials with good biocompatibility and biostability to immobilize the GOx enzyme on the suitable electrode material. Fabricate new anodic electrodes for self-pumping EBC: GOx [PEI/CC], GOx [TPP/CS/CC], GOx [Na®/CS/CC], and GOx[Na®/TPP/CS/CC]. Investigate the microstructure of various anodic electrodes: using field emission scanning electron microscopy to characterize the surface morphology of anodic electrodes. Analyze the chemical structure of various prepared anodic electrodes: ...
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